dallas gawlick

Letters from Abroad

A series of letters home, from an intrepid writer traveling the solar system.

Letter 2 Page 6

“Where are you taking us?” I asked, quietly. It was a question almost to myself, as if questioning the decisions that had led me here. Why Mars? Why not the Moon? The Belt? Titan, even? Something about the red tint of this planet, the first real colony of people beyond Earth, had drawn me.

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Letter 2 Page 5

“Mars,” Rigel said, wistfully. “I never get tired of her.” He seemed to be talking to no one in particular, rather eyeing the hills with a certain rapture. “Do you, Jim?” he asked, and Jim turned to the glass-substitute.

He looked out for a long time. The distance stretched on, and Jim finally mumbled a “No.”

“You will,” Rigel said, smiling to himself.

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