dallas gawlick


a collection of my writing, both published and personal.



Apples and Oranges


34,000 word low-fantasy novella about revenge.


Letters from Abroad


A series of letters home, from an intrepid writer travelling the solar system.


The Muse Is Dead!


An in-progress novel about an artist coping with loss, a lack of inspiration, and a hatred of seagulls.


The Genuine Article


140,000 word novel about what it means to be genuine, and about hiding who you really are.


24 Karat Whiskey


24,000 word novella about a dying man finding gold in the Arizona desert... And all the strings attached.


By Fingertips


75,000 word novel about a mutiny around Jupiter, and discovering reasons to live again.



Bard and Barbarian


Bard and Barbarian is a weekly Wednesday podcast covering the bardly and barbaric aspects of fantasy and sci fi media of all kinds. Produced by Alex Crowther and Dallas Gawlick. It can be found on SoundCloud and YouTube.



SAD Magazine


Issue No. 24: Space - Print - Head Space - Interview with Dr. Mark Weinberg on the concept of first impressions.


Vancouver Is Awesome


Why I love the West End - Article on what it's like to grow up in the West End.


Grounders Magazine


Welcome to Las Vegas - Photo essay about my impressions of Las Vegas and its atmosphere.

Looks 002 - Disposable Camera Challenge - Collection of disposable camera photos around Vancouver.

Issue 2 - Print - The Second Person - Short story about what it's like to watch your other half leave.


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